What Should Writers Blog About?
Posted On: 2014-10-29
by: Rachel Thompson

29th, 2014
Rachel Thompson of bookpromotion.com is back with another timely article - this week alone we got three queries very similar to this one! Blogging is essential for a writer, but finding the right topic to blog about can be tricky to put it mildly.

If you are having trouble discerning what to focus your blogging efforts on, read on for Rachel's great insight...

Several writers have asked me recently: What do I blog about? or Is blogging really necessary?

I always answer with a resounding YES itís necessary ó blogging is a way to connect with readers, book bloggers, and book reviewers (and potentially, agents and publishers who, make no mistake, will come to your site and look for your blog to get a feel for who you are and how you write). As to what to blog about ó thatís where most writers get tripped up, so letís deconstruct.


Iím always a little fascinated by how there are millions of news stories and genres and topics that we talk about on social media and in our real lives every moment of the day, yet writers are at a loss what to blog about. Why is that? Why is there a disconnect? Itís simple really: fear. Fear of criticism, of putting our opinion out there and having people disagree with us, of telling us weíre wrong (how dare you have an opinion!), of being called out about something. Well, Iím here to tell you, that will happen. So what? Whoís to say that because I love the color red and I write a blog post about my red love, a color you happen to hate with a passion, makes me right and you wrong? Or vice versa?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to blogging. Itís YOUR blog. You own it. So own it! Take a stand. Own your red. If someone doesnít like your opinion, they can click off. Because thereís another side to that ó they may love your red. Stop focusing on the hate and the worry, and focus on trusting your voice.


What are you passionate about? Then thatís what you should write (blog, tweets, posts, etc.) about. Itís really not that complicated!

Hereís a simple, practical exercise I recommend to my clients: what are five topics you are interested in, are an expert on, are passionate about? Doesnít matter if you write about them in your books. Now list them.

Here are mine:
*Childhood sexual abuse (advocacy)
*Social media
*Helping authors

Donít spend hours, and donít list more than five. If you canít come up with more than three, then go with three. These are my Ďkeywordsí or Ďkey phrasesí ó or anchors, if you will. Now, post them. Write them down and hang them on your wall, put them in your phone, have them somewhere handy. If Iím at a loss as to what to write about, I always look at these.

Not only that, I create a blog calendar from this list because I now have my go-to topics. No more wondering or searching for something, anything, to write about. How cool is that?

Keep in mind, these keywords can, and likely will, change. But this is a first step to finding YOUR voice.


As I mentioned above, you have to get over yourself. You have to find your voice. Blogging is a terrific way to do that.

Now you need to trust in yourself and in your readers. We can all spot a poser a mile away, right? If youíre writing surface kinds of posts, things that donít resonate with people, youíll lose them. So dig deep, trust in your ability to challenge yourself and challenge your reader to handle what you have to say, and say it. Itís okay to be controversial if you write with feeling and passion. Itís okay to put yourself out there and have your own opinion ó you are an adult, so write like one. Write what scares you, write what challenges you ó people admire and relate to that!

Until Next Time,
Ashley Zee