Top Three Pen Name Generators
Posted On: 2013-07-31
by: Ashley Zee

31, 2013
Writing a book or creating a publishing company but don't want to use your real name?

Instead of wasting precious time and energy trying to develop the "perfect" pen name, use one of these three Pen Name Generators to quickly create unique and good pseudonyms.

1.) Online Random Name Generator

The top 1,000 male names, top 1,000 female names, and top 1,000 surnames are combined in this name randomizer to make over 6 billion different names. The names come from American census data, but since America is a multiethnic society you can get many names from around the world appearing on this list. 30% of the male and female names are arbitrarily given a middle name.

When you click on the red button that says, "Generate Random Name" your new name automatically appears in a box on the left-hand side of the screen labeled, "Your list of cool random names". From this box you can see if your new nom de plume has a corresponding domain name available - a real bonus if you want to create a complete online persona and website with your pen name.

2.) Chucklehound

To start the name generation process, click on the link that says "New Name (Male)" or "New Name (Female)". A random name will be generated. One unique feature of this name generator is that if you only like part of the randomly generated name - say, just the first name - you can click the "Keep First Name" link and the name generator will only create a new surname for you. You can repeat this process as many times as you want until you find the "perfect" name. This also works with last names; you can click "Keep Last Name" and only first names will change.

You can also click "View Favorite Men's Names" or "View Favorite Women's Names" underneath the randomization links for further inspiration. Be forewarned: the "Add to Favorite Name Log" does not keep track of your favorite names, but of everyone's favorite names, so its potential to be a unique and private collection of names is unrecognized.

3.) Random Name Generator

This generator is very straightforward - just click on the "Generate Random Names" button to find potential pen names. You cannot parse the names so if you see a first or last name that you like you'll have to remember it or write it down while hunting for a surname that resonates with you. At the bottom of the page this generator does keep track of names that you generated, and it allows you to "copy" the names into another box, but there's no way to export this list beyond good ol' fashioned copy + paste into a word document or notepad.

This generator makes the "Top 3" because of its extra niche-specific name generators. Need a Japanese name? Or how about a Medieval name? Vampire names, Twitter names, Place name's all here. This generator has countless pen name suggestions to suit your needs.

Until Next Time -
Ashley Zee