The Advantages of Multipart Books
Posted On: 2014-12-17
by: Mercedes Tabano

17th, 2014
Hunger Games. Harry Potter. 50 Shades of Gray. Do you know what all these books have in common? They are multipart books. Sometimes, there is so much to say, that a single book is out of the question.

But did you know that writing a multipart book could significantly increase your bottom line? Hereís why multipart books are great for readers and authors.

Readers Come Ready To Buy

If your book is compelling, readers wonít want to say goodbye to their favorite characters at the end of the story. If you wrote addictive characters and interesting plots, your readers will want more stories about them, their undertakings, and their world. Similar to the way people keep tuning into a TV series week after week, readers want to keep tuning in for more exploits. (This is precisely why comic books are so popular; same characters, new adventures.) This makes your next book much easier to sell. After all, the readers already know they like your characters and their world, so spending their time and money on your next book is a no-brainer for them.

Research Is Done

Letís face it, thereís no quick and easy way to research a book. Even a fiction book needs careful attention to character development, details, culture, and your target reader, niche, keywords and so on. This research usually takes longer than actually writing the book. Once itís done, itís time to start a new book, and this means researching from scratch all over again. However, with a multipart book the research is already done; granted, it may have taken a long time to do all the comprehensive research for a multipart book at the beginning, but in the grand scheme of things a lot of time is saved by doing this research upfront. Once your research for all your books is complete, all you have to do is write another installment for your created world. You can add some new details, keywords and a little extra promotion, but the hard part is done. Now, you can just write. This enables you to write more books faster. This also brands you as the Ďexpertí whether youíre writing fiction or nonfiction.

Easier To Brand

When youíre just starting out, itís much easier and faster to brand your book than to brand you as an author. People buy from Stephen King because heís Stephen King and has a long established history of being a brilliant writer. People bought from Suzanne Collins not because they knew who she was but because her books were The Hunger Games. Branding your book enables you to reach out to other people who share an interest in this kind of genre. Once your multipart book becomes famous, then you can brand yourself as an author and sell unrelated books later.

Multipart Non-Fiction

Of course, itís not just fiction books which can benefit from being multipart. In any niche, you can choose one little part and go into it in great depth. For example, diet niches can include separate books on recipes, nutrition guides, eating out guides, different exercises, motivation, even what to wear for your new shape. Any niche book can be made multipart with a little thought and creativity. Then you can reap the rewards just like a fiction writer does. Multipart books are the secret of successful authors. Itís been said that the best marketing you can do is your next book. And when youíre writing multipart books, this marketing becomes a great deal easier. And since you can put out more books in less time and still delight readers, a multipart book is a win-win.

Until Next Time,
Mercedes Tabano