Six Reasons to Have a YouTube Presence
Posted On: 2014-05-14
by: Mercedes Tabano

14, 2014
Indie authors know about blogging for their books, they know about building community with Facebook, they know about KDP promotions, press releases, and paid ads. But surprisingly, very few of them know about YouTube.

Of course, they know about YouTube, but not as a channel to promote their businesses. If your book doesn't have its own YouTube channel, here's why it's a must have.

It's The Worlds' Second Largest Search Engine

Everyone knows that Google is the world's largest search engine. However, YouTube actually ranks as the second most popular search engine. This is quite ironic seeing that YouTube is not actually a search engine; more importantly, it functions like a search engine so smart self-publishers treat it as such.

Low Competition Makes It Easy To Rank

That's a shocking statement when you consider that 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute. However, despite that fact, very few indie authors are using it as a promotion technique for their books. Many who are using it are not using it well. Additionally, not all who are using it well are in your niche. That gives you a prime opportunity to become the go to person on YouTube in your particular topic.

Google Loves YouTube

Google actually owns YouTube. Google also loves returning videos in response to searches. Google chooses the most popular relevant videos to show. Usually these videos claim the second or third spot on Google. If your video already ranks high on YouTube, then it can rank high on Google, too.

Easy To Create Content

Yes, you read that right. Look in the Self Publisher Today's archives and you'll see it's never been easier to create video content. Smartphones and regular camera all have built in video cameras. Some cameras shoot as little as 30 seconds, while others shoot fifteen minutes. Fortunately, a video doesn't need to be long to be good, so these kinds of cameras are fine.

Additionally, you can create videos without any video camera at all. You can create simple videos using software you probably already have, such as PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker.

Videos Are The New Blog

Every day, more authors are choosing a video blog over a written one. Videos hold people's interest more. It's more passive, so more people are more likely to watch your video than watch your blog. It also enables you to explain things not easily explained with words alone. Demonstration videos as well as "explainer" videos are very popular on YouTube.

YouTube Builds Community

YouTube gives every video an embed code for easy sharing. This way, not only are you able to share it on your blog and other social media properties, but any fan can share it too. This gives your videos a far greater reach among strangers than a blog ever could.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, video is poised to take over in 2014 and beyond. That's why social media sites like Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and even Twitter all make it easy to share video. It's the perfect complement to any marketing plan.

Until Next Time,
Mercedes Tabano