Free Self Publisher Today Software
Posted On: 2014-01-22
by: Ashley Zee

22, 2013
Did you know that once you log into Self Publisher Today (look in the top right corner for the link that says 'Members With Benefits' to log in) you have access to free software? Right now there are FOUR free different types of software for you to use but we will be adding more soon!

Not only is the software free, but it's also been developed by the Self Publisher Today team to help you in your self publishing endeavors.

Before I give a little synopsis about each software, allow me to first show you where and how to access them.

First you must log in via the Members With Benefits link on the homepage of Self Publisher Today. Once you do that you should see your profile screen; this might include your avatar picture if you've uploaded one (as I have and suggest you do the same) and it will definitely include a link called "Access My Software". Click It.

You'll then see a box with available software pop up. Right now there are only four available options, but we will add more software as time goes on...

By the way, if you ever have potential software ideas you can submit them to us. We're always open to suggestions.

Let's briefly examine each software...

1.) EBook Watchdog

This software allows you to monitor up to 20 ebooks that are listed on Amazon Kindle. By double-clicking on each line, you can add important details about the book you want to monitor. The title, price, and ASIN are absolutely essential; you can find the ASIN on the book's Amazon page under "Product Details". Once you add the books your screen will look something like this:

From here you'll be able to monitor sales rank, estimated gross sales, and reviews at a glance. You can even receive notifications about when a new review is left for your book or when its sales rank goes above or below certain ranking parameters that you set. I definitely suggest using this not only to monitor your own books but also to keep an eye on your competition as well.

You can also see how your book(s) did over a period of time because EBook Watchdog keeps a daily sales rank record. If you detect a sales pattern, you can use it to your advantage!

2.) Golden Link Generator

There's not too much to visually show for this software because it's simple and cuts right to the heart of improving your chances at climbing the ranks.

Simply put the keyword(s) you want associated with your book in the top field. If you want your book to be associated with multiple keywords, make sure you press the space-bar after each comma. It won't work if you don't add the space after a comma.

In the second field add your book's ASIN number. Don't put in someone else's ASIN number unless you want to help them climb the ranks and make more money, haha!

Once your Golden Link is generated, send it to friends, family, put it on social media, etc. It will bring people directly to your book. As they buy the book, your book's association with your designated keywords becomes cemented in Amazon's algorithm. Whenever someone searches one of your designated keywords, your book will appear as a option (obviously some keywords are easier to rank highly for, but this trick eliminates a lot of the competition). It's phenomenal and works every time!

If people buy your book through this Golden Link, it will absolutely boost your rank for that designated keyword. We have been using this technique for YEARS with great success.

3.) Kindle Sales Estimator

Another nifty software that gives you at-a-glance figures. Type in your book's Sales Rank and the price you are selling it for and Kindle Sales Estimator will calculate the estimated number of sales a month, estimated gross sales per month, and estimated royalties per month. Even though this is all an approximation it is useful in eBook niche research, competition research, and for monitoring your own books.

I randomly typed in that my book was ranked at #4500 and was being sold for $9.99. According to this Kindle Sales Estimator, I should expect to sell around 1,000 books a month, have gross sales of $9,990, and make $6,993 in royalties. Not too shabby!

4.) Pen Name Generator

Need a nom de plume? Look no further than your free Pen Name Generator software. Find names by gender, ethnic origin, personality types, or beginning letter. It's intuitive and easy to use - go experiment with it, you'll definitely find names to use!

Go give these four free software products a whirl and let us know how you feel about them!

I'm looking forward to your feedback and suggestions already.

Until Next Time,
Ashley Zee