Comic Books on Amazon
Posted On: 2014-10-01
by: Mercedes Tabano

1st, 2014
Many authors write novels, some write short stories, others write how-to's and some write comic books. The first three groups of authors find readymade marketplaces on Amazon sites. However, for the last author, indie publishing is a little more difficult.

This article will address the needs of the indie comic book author on Amazon properties.

Why It's Different

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any difference between publishing a comic book and publishing just another book with pictures. However, the pictures themselves make publishing so difficult. In the past, Amazon has charged indies a 15 cent per megabyte additional fee. This was called a delivery fee. Too many comic book creators soon realized that they were actually losing money with every download. Unable to come up with a solution to this problem, comic book creators went elsewhere.

Amazon's Comixology

Comixology soon became the favorite site of indie comic book creators. Their technology allowed for stunning digital graphics at the right resolution for every device. Like Amazon, they only charge you when you sell a book. Though their fees are higher than Kindle, (50%) and they do charge a credit card fee, they don't charge any delivery fees. Therefore, the price for a comic book of 180 pages or 580 pages could be the same. Comixology also has gatekeepers who decide if you're publishing 'professional content'. However, it never spells out exactly what that means. So your work may or may not be accepted.

In 2013, Comixology became an Amazon property. It's still open to indie authors, though it's unknown if the 'professional content' have changed.

Amazon's Kindle Comic creator

2013 was a big year for Comics on Amazon. That's when they announced that there were ways to get around the delivery fees, and when they introduced the Kindle Comic Creator.

The Kindle comic creator is special software that formats your Kindle comic for you. As with most good software, it has varying levels of complexity; everything from automatic to code. The comic creator software is free from Amazon and they have some excellent tutorials To go along with it.. Kindle comics are subject to the same consideration as other Kindle books in terms of fees, pricing, and exposure.

Amazon's CreateSpace

CreateSpace is the third way to publish on Amazon. This produces a physical book. One of the best things about CreateSpace is that it's Print On Demand. Therefore, you don't have to worry about runs, inventory, or any of the other details when self-publishing a physical comic book through more traditional channels. You owe Amazon money when you sell a book, and not before. Unlike the early days of Kindle and comics, CreateSpace will not let you lose money on a book. They tell you what the price should be based on their fees. Any amount over that price is your profit. It's important to know that on CreateSpace, color costs almost 3 times as much as black and white. Therefore, if you are publishing a full color comic, it can get to be very pricy indeed. One of the best ways to handle this to sell both color and black and white. You can mark the color one as a special edition, this way, people will feel it's worth the extra money.

Today is a time for indie comic book authors. At last, you can get your work out there without needing a small fortune for specialty runs. New technology has created new opportunities for indie authors. Isn't it time you took advantage of them?

Until Next Time,
Mercedes Tabano