Cashing In On CreateSpace Novelty Books
Posted On: 2014-03-12
by: Mercedes Tabano

12, 2014
Thanks to Amazon, you can now write and publish your books to a mass audience as never before.

This has led to thousands of books being published in the how-to genre, the self-help genre and even dozens of fiction genres.

However, there is one genre of book that has been overlooked, and has the potential for massive profits. This genre is known as a novelty book.

A novelty book contains no story or advice. Instead, it delights its buyer through interaction. These books are largely print books and interact with the reader in a way few others can. This article will show you the various types of Novelty books you can easily create on CreateSpace. No writing required, just a little imagination.

Blank Books

Blank Books are also known as 'journals' or 'logs'. They are filled with blank lined pages that the customer fills with words. The secret to a good blank book is to focus it around a theme. Then, you can combine images and motivational quotes inside the book in order to create a book that your customers will love. Common blank books include; writing journals, weight-loss journals, goal setting journals, wedding journals, hunting/fishing journals (for recording your catch,) and more. A journal should be small enough to fit in a purse. 6x9 is the perfect size for this.

Coloring Books

There are literally thousands of black and white images in the public domain. Coloring books are a great way to take advantage of these free images. Simply choose your theme, (for example, birds) and collect blank and white images of your theme. Then combine these images into a book. Coloring books are usually 8x10 or 8.5x11 and are printed on cream paper. No words are required since people have fun coloring in the images.

Ready To Use Books

Ready to use books are marketed towards crafters and hobbyists. These unique books feature color images that the buyer can cut out and paste to things. Decoupage books, scrap book paper books, mini posters, and cut and paste paper models are some of the most popular ready to use books. These books are printed on one side only, always in full color on white paper. They should also be either 8x10 or 8.5x11.

Quote Books

Many people shy away from doing quote books because they feel like they will need thousands of quotes. Also, many people feel that since quotes are 'freely available online' that they will come under scrutiny from Amazon in the future. The secret to a good quote book, (that Amazon loves too,) is to pair the quotes with images surrounding a theme. For example, you could publish a book on '52 quotes about gratitude'. If you pair these quotes with great images, then you have a book to proud of as well as one Amazon will love. 52 is the perfect size for a quote book, as there are 52 weeks in a year. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can also do a quote books with 365 quotes and images. As long as each quote has an image, you are creating a 100% original work.

Game Books

You might remember game books from your childhood. These are books where you solve something by writing directly in the book itself. Because these types of books are getting rarer, people are willing to pay more for them.. They can include games like puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, crosswords, word finds, or even more modern games like Sudoku. You can even use a game book to make up your own game. Who knows, your game book could be the next Mad Libs.

Plan (Pattern) Books

This type of book is the most difficult to create, but it is also the one that has the least competition. This book is a type of how-to book that involves plans, (or patterns). Woodworkers, leatherworkers, knitters, dressmakers and more all need plans. They are also willing to pay well for the right plans. The plans don't always need to be life-size, as long as they are to scale. This is the ultimate how to book and one with very little competition.

When it comes to novelty books, the sky's the limit thanks to CreateSpace. At last you can print the types of books that once only big companies published. Ironically, as big companies rush to cash in on the vector graphics and EBook craze, these types of books are being published less. That gives indie publishers the perfect opportunity to cash in on this huge, but forgotten market.

Until Next Time -
Mercedes Tabano