Beautiful and Cheap Book Design Templates
Posted On: 2014-04-02
by: Ashley Zee

02, 2014
Book design is an important part of the self-publishing process. Many self-publishers think about the cover of their book a lot, but what about the interior of the book? Not many people think - or even know - that the interior can be designed so that the reader has a more engaging and pleasant experience while reading the book.

Until fairly recently it's been almost impossible for self-publishers to design the interior of their book. It used to be that you needed to design the interior of your book yourself and this hard-won knowledge only came with lots of time and repeated experimentation. It was frustrating (as I'm sure you can imagine) so that's why many self-publishers eschewed making the interior of their books as fancy as the exterior of their books.

This doesn't have to be the case anymore! A service called Book Design Templates enables self-publishers to finally create books whose interiors rival any interiors found in books that have been traditionally published by large and expensive publishing houses. Instead of paying multiple thousands of dollars to have the interior of your book be professionally designed, you can now buy a template that lets you customize your book's interior for a fraction of the price.

Some special extra services are a la carte so prices vary, but you can get a BEAUTIFUL book template for less than $40. Seriously. For only $40 you can take your average book interior and morph it into something custom and's a bargain.

And in case you were wondering: no, we at Self Publisher Today have no affiliation or connection whatsoever with Book Design Template. We're not hyping it up because we would get some kind of compensation...absolutely not. We have nothing to gain by talking about them. This is just a service that deftly and gorgeously solves a design problem that self-publishers face and so we feel obligated to spread awareness of it. These templates are very professionally done and would cost thousands of dollars in the traditional publishing world. Right now there are twenty templates to choose from but more will be added in the future (these are high-quality templates though, so it takes some time for new ones to be added because this service doesn't create second-rate material). Each of these templates can be tweaked to suit your needs.

Here's an example of three different templates designed specifically for children's books:

As you can see, there is a wide variation of interior presentations just within these three templates. When you consider that each template can be further manipulated (though sometimes this cost a bit more depending on what your design-vision and needs are) it's clear that the final form can be even more diverse.

None of these templates are fully automatic. You have to plug in your text and replace their stock images with your own images but it's really intuitive and easy. It's not time consuming at all. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, copy + paste, and type you're more than adequately prepared to use these templates. Book Design Templates also supplies reference materials when you buy a template to make this already simple process even easier for you.

You don't need to buy or download any special software to access and use the templates. You only need Microsoft Word, which is probably already on your computer.

Time to ask the million-dollar question: are these templates compatible with popular self-publishing platforms? Yes, they are compatible and will work! These templates have been designed with Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing in mind. The templates are created with industry standard sizes, and they are paginated and compliant with the major printing houses.

The eBook templates are designed to work with the widest range of eBook platforms, by utilizing a highly compatible set of formatting features. These templates have been used with KDP, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, BookBaby, CreateSpace, Lulu, Lightning Source, and other top-quality POD producers and eReader content delivery platforms that market eBooks.

Here's one of their templates as it would appear on an eReader. Looks very polished, no?

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Until Next Time,
Ashley Zee