Advertise Your Books on Amazon: Amazons New Kindle Marketing Service
Posted On: 2015-06-17
by: Amy Harrop

17, 2015
Amazon has just released their new service that allows you to advertise your Kindle books directly on Amazon! This is similar to their popular product ads service where you can advertise physical products you are selling right on Amazon.

The Basics

Before getting started, letís make sure that you have the basics down. No reason to get excited unless you can actually advertise your book. First and most importantly, you need to have a book enrolled in KDP Select. If you donít have any, even if you have other books on Kindle, then you wonít be able to use their marketing service. If you donít have one, then consider publishing a new book and marking it as Select for this purpose.

To advertise a specific book already enrolled in KDP select, youíll see a specific link next to your book inside your KDP account that says ďpromote and advertiseĒ when you click on the link youíll have the option to then run an ad campaign.

To learn more about the specifics of ad creation, check out:

Secondly, you need cash. This is a cost-per-click, or CPC, marketing system (more on that below). The minimum CPC is $0.02, but Amazon suggests a CPC of $0.05 or higher. You must also have a minimum campaign of $100. If you donít have that money, then itís time to save up so that you can participate in this new marketing adventure.

How CPC Works

CPC means that your ad is charged per click. Your ad will show up on the page, and people will be able to look at it. However, youíll only be charged if someone actually clicks your ad and lands on your page. Otherwise you wonít be charged a cent.

Now, how do you determine the CPC? As stated above, the minimum cost is $0.02. When you make an ad it will enter an automatic auction that will determine placement. Premium ads, or those on top with the most exposure, will be charged $0.01 more than the second-place bidder. Ads lower on the page will be charged a lower rate.

So this is how it goes. Letís say that your maximum CPC is $0.10. The second-place bidder for a similar ad has a maximum CPC of $0.06, so youíll only be charged $0.07 per click.


Targeting is perhaps the most important part of advertising. If the right people donít sell your ad, then your sales and clicks will be dismal. Amazon allows two types of targeting: genre and product. Genre is probably the best, as it means that youíll be targeting people looking at certain genres in the Kindle Store (meaning they are already interested in buying a book), but you can also target products. For example, if you have a book on making soap, then it might be good to target soap bars and similar products for your advertising.

The only problem with the genre method is that the targeting is fairly broad with categories like ďArt and PhotographyĒ and ďNon-fiction,Ē but this can still be very effective.

Making the Ad

You have your book, a marketing budget and you know how to target your group. So, how do you make the ad? Amazon makes this very simple, even more so than Google Adwords or Twitter and Facebook advertising.

Itís a very step-by-step method. Just follow the easy steps (choose the book, budget, targeting, etc), and youíre set. Thatís right. No need to create catchy text-based ads or design elaborate graphics. Your cover will be shown and a short description based on your bookís landing page. Thatís all there is to it. Youíll have an ad ready in a few minutes.

Paying for Ads

Another interesting thing is that you arenít charged immediately after setting up the campaign. Youíll be charged in increments until the campaign is finished. These increments largely depend on how long the campaign is, so it might be every day, once a week or even once a month. Also, the charge wonít be more than 10% of the campaign total. If your campaign total is $1,000, then the highest charge will be $100. This limits competition and makes it easier to track spending. You can also make adjustments to the campaign to ensure that itís effective.


KDP Select has always given authors unique benefits, and this new one is a major breakthrough. Nowís the time to get your book out there in front of hungry buyers. This equalizes the field since newer authors with no reputation can still get their books on top, and even experienced authors can get a bigger piece of the pie with some smart advertising. However, like any advertising, you will need to test carefully to see if it can give you good results. Give it a try and see if it boosts your earnings.

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