6 Outsourcing Websites That Will Radically Change Your Business
Posted On: 2013-08-15
by: James Jones

15, 2013
Youve probably heard the adage that "Time Is Money". Its true. Your time is valuable, and the way you invest your time can either make you money or cost you money.

Outsourcing tasks you are not good at is not only long-term fiscally smart, but its practically a competitive imperative (you better believe your toughest competition knows all about outsourcing).

To help you with your outsourcing needs - be it for writing, image creation, website development, anything! - here are six websites that can help you find the perfect person to complete whatever job you have in mind.

1. oDesk

Pros: Its free to post, there are many contractors to choose from, contract prices are low, you can pay by the job or by the hour, tracking progress is a cinch, and you only pay when work is accepted.

Cons: Lots of contractors do not speak English as their first language, and the filtering/ interviewing process can be time consuming. There is also an 11.1% contract fee that must be paid too.

2. eLance

Pros: Its free to post jobs, easy to track job progress, and you pay only for approved work. There are also TONS of contractors to choose from.

Cons: Requires contract fee to be deposited in "escrow" before job begins. If you are operating on a strict schedule, this delay could be a big nuisance. There is also 8.75% service fee per job.

3. Freelance Switch

Pros: Its free to post on Freelance Switch. Freelancers are required to pay a monthly fee to join and apply for jobs, and this helps assure that the quality of the work found on this site is high.

Cons: This site can be risky. While there is no fee for the hiring process, there is also no safety or recourse for you if the job is not performed to your satisfaction. For example, you may wind up paying for work that you didnt approve.

? 4. Krop

Pros: Lots of potential freelancers and jobs are broadcast to private employment networks. Krop has some very big name clients using their service...including the President.

Cons: Get your wallet out - its very expensive to post. One single post is $199, 5 posts for $179, 10 for $169 and 20 for $135 each . Job postings are only active on this site for 30 days, so if you need a longer timeframe, another outsourcing service might be better for you.

5. Coroflot

Pros: Jobs are shared across network of leading design publications, you have access to the largest and most diverse creative talent pool possible, job postings stay online for 90 days, and you can edit and manage your job posting at any time.

Cons: Coroflot is extremely expensive. A single job will cost you $275 and its billed upon purchase. You can purchase up to ten jobs, but be aware that means you will be billed $1,850 upon purchase.

6. Smashing Jobs

Pros: Its tied to Smashing Magazine - a magazine that has more than 4 million monthly users and is known to be one of the most successful magazines for creative professionals.

Cons: It is expensive. It costs about $225 to post an ad for a fulltime employee, and $75 for freelancer. You can purchase credit packages, but the prices of these get very costly very quickly too.

Heres to increasing productivity and saving sanity!
James J. Jones